Your skiing holidays

Your skiing holidays

The Alps are “the best image the world could give of Paradise”.
/ John Ruskin/

 Mark Twain wrote in 1878:

"I met dozens of people, who had come from far countries and roamed through the Swiss Alps year after year – they could not explain why. They had come first, they said, out of idle curiosity, because everybody talked about it; they had come since because they could not help it, and they should keep coming, while they lived, for the same reason; they have tried to break their chains and stay away, but it was futile; now they had no desire to break them. Others come nearer formulating what they felt; they said they could find perfect rest and peace nowhere else when they were troubled; all frets and worries and chafings sank to sleep in the presence of the benignant serenity of the Alps. The great spirit of the Mountain breathed his own peace upon their hurt minds and sore heats, and healed them…"


Switzerland is home to some of the best ski resorts in the Alps, with high mountain peaks, stunning scenery, challenging runs, and quick access to the slopes from nearby airports. Whatever your level of experience, a ski holiday in Switzerland is a fantastic way to get away from it all

  • Excellent high-altitude resorts with strong snow records.
  • Stunning scenery, and villages full of character.
  • Some of the world’s best mountain restaurants.


Zermatt’s accommodations are legendary. Hotels with chic and charm, tradition and hospitality. And chalets and holiday flats, which leave no wish unfulfilled.
The world of Zermatt’s hotels is among the best anywhere. They regularly receive top ratings on the travel sites: spacious rooms, dream-world spas and world-class gastronomy. And the hospitality of the Zermatt hosts leaves nothing to be desired.

As a ski destination, Zermatt located in the Canto of Valais is one of the best offering over 350 km of ski runs that are linked to the resorts of Cervinia and Val Tournenche in Italy via the Klein Matterhorn. It is also dominated by one of the most iconic mountains in the world – The Matterhorn.  The beautiful car free village is full of wonderful restaurants and chic shops.  The après ski is lively with plenty of live music both on and off the mountain.

The summer months in Zermatt are even more beautiful than those of winter.   Endless stunning mountain trails will bring you past waterfalls, lakes, valleys, wild life and mountains covered in beautiful wild flowers.   Each bend in the path will bring another view that will simply take your breath away.    And then after a morning’s exertion, there’s nothing better than sitting down to a beautiful meal in one of the many incredible mountain restaurants.

Zermatt started off life as a modest farming village with wooden barns and cobbled streets many of which have been preserved and can be seen as you wander around the village.   It was discovered at in the mid nineteenth century by British explorers who set about conquering The Matterhorn most notably Edward Whymper.

It boasts the world’s highest Glacial Palace at 3883 m and delights visitors with its charming medieval streets lined with designer boutiques and chocolate shops.