Spring Walk in Carvoeiro

Spring Walk in Carvoeiro

The Percurso dos Sete Vales Suspensos Trial 

Carvoeiro is well known for its great ambience, local food, beautiful sandy beaches, evening live music and plenty of drinks. It is also famous for its dramatic coastline formed of massive golden limestone cliffs, and the deep sea caves.




The ‘Percurso dos Sete Vales Suspensos’ (Seven Henging Valleys) trail is well known as one of the most scenic hiking routes of the Algarve. This rewarding and memorable walk is at its best in spring, when the flowers are in full bloom, several species of butterfly hovering over sun-kissed stone, adding to the colourful aura; and the air is fresh enough to take a long slightly challenging hike (classed as being of medium difficulty).




It is a 11,5 km hike trail which starts at the Praia do Vale Centianes in the west and finishes at the Praia da Marinha in the east. As it is a round trip you can make it as long as you wish and also start at either end. The terrain is rough and at some points quite steep. 




It is best to start at the restaurant O'Stop at Vale Centianes beach and walk up the stairs on the left. There is magnificent sea view from the nice restarant's terrace to soak in sunshine before starting  your walk. For those who want to avoid climbing the steep stairs there is a small parking on the top of the cliff to the left of the hotel.






What you can see:

The cliffs are like golden, limestone sculptures created by nature

Seabirds are nestling on the cliffs

Seagulls and cormorants are crisscrossing the blue sky

Enormous sinkholes with the ocean waves echoing deep down below

Alfanzina lighthouse

A few pretty golden beaches hidden surrounded by cliffs

Marinha beach is a gem of the Algarve




Important To Know:

  • Pay attention to your footwear. No flip-flops! Some places are steep and slippery even in the hot days, especially in autumn and spring
  • Be cautious while walking on the cliffs. The trail will normally lead you along a safe path but because some people not always follow them, there are many little paths leading to the edge of the cliff and they are dangerous

  • Keep a safe distance from the edges; they are unstable due to erosion

  • Keep a safe distance from the foot of the cliff – rocks can and will fall from above

  • Walk only on the indicated signposted trials. You want to be safe to enjoy many more walks for many years and you do want the future generations to enjoy the nature too. Please see below the signs you normally see on the Algarvian coast

  • Do not drive or park on the top of the cliffs

  • Do not collect any wild specimens: the Algarve has many threatened plant species and a few rare species of animals. Law strictly protects wild specimens

  • Do not light fires – this is a serious offense and you can be criminally charged

  • In autumn and spring the weather can be very unpredictable so check it before heading out. Make sure you are able to complete the intended route before it gets dark. You don’t want to get lost on the cliff in the dark

  • Let your friends or relatives know about your intended whereabouts and arrival & departure times. Remember there are a few remote areas are not covered by wireless phone networks

  • And never, ever try to cycle the path




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The pictures are taken by Graham Kimberley.