Zermatt in winter

Zermatt in winter


Zermatt is the only resort in the world where you can go Skiing and snowboarding the whole year round, with 365 days of snow. As the highest altitude, largest and most efficiently developed snow sport location in the Alps, Zermatt offers an absolute snow guarantee. In winter, 360 km of piste attracts skiers of all levels. Unlimited skiing and snowboarding between Switzerland and Italy – no other destination can offer this.

In the summer, you can enjoy the 20 km of pistes on the Zermatt Theodul Glacier. Carve and relax alongside national ski teams from all over the world with the Matterhorn always in sight.


Zermatt offers 70 km of winter walking paths, 20 km of them above the villages of Täsch and Randa. You will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet away from the pistes, on high altitude paths with marvelous views. Wander through snow-covered woods, or follow the traces of the ancient Wallisers, up to the Zmutt hamlet. Almost all winter walking paths have a gentle inclination, both up and down. With up to 500 metres in altitude difference, however, some paths represent a greater challenge. It’s not unusual to see a chamois or even an ibex from time to time, and, on the path from Blauherd to Fluhalp, you can also learn how animals survive the winter. The Gourmet Path and the Winter Trail are also suitable for Nordic walking. Make the step towards a healthy and gentle form of movement and observe the beauty away from the piste.


There are plenty of opportunities for Tobogganing in Zermatt. The downhill toboggan journey from Rotenboden lasts between five and ten minutes – and is great fun for all ages. The trains of the Gornergrat Bahn are available to take you back up the mountain, and run about every ten minutes. Tobogganing (sledging) is also possible on other paths.

For a really magical and exhilarating experience take a private lift up to Furri in the evening time. Dine in one of the beautiful candle lit restaurants and Toboggan home at the end of the night.


This is a mode of transport once used by our ancestors. While these were formerly made of wood, small branches and animal sinews, today's snowshoe hiking fans have a choice of high-tech materials. If you can walk in mountaineering boots, you will also be able to hike on snowshoes across the glittering snow through undisturbed winter landscapes, far away from the piste. Zermatt has four marked snowshoe trails. Guided hikes are a very special experience, and are also offered in Randa and Täsch. This is truly a spiritual experience for all ages.


The natural and artificial ice rinks in the center of the village offer free fun on the ice from December to the end of February. This is where the youngest ice sport fans get together, to play at being an ice princess or to compete against each other at ice hockey. And grown-ups are also welcome. The ice rinks can be rented by the hour. You can also come and watch the training sessions of the local ice hockey club, EHC Zermatt. No village is without a natural ice rink: You can also indulge in icy fun in Täsch and Randa.


You've never seen Zermatt like this before: In free flight, with a bird's eye view, flying with the wind. Paragliding fulfills the dream of flying. And you stay in the air for up to half an hour. Enjoy this wonderful experience and feel as free as a bird!


Fine dining on the slopes is guaranteed with world famous restaurants open throughout the season. There is no resort in the world that offers the same incredible gourmet experiences. There is something very special about enjoying a salad that was picked just moments before from the nearby by garden.


The Gornergrat railway will take you to the top of the mountain for breathtaking views. At the top you can visit the Glacier Paradise, a glacier filled with beautiful ice carvings and benches adorned with thick sheep skin rugs.



Zermatt has a completely unique cinema called the Vernissage. Designed by the renowned artist Heinz Julen, it is a piece of art in itself. In the multi-functional movie theater with a movable chandelier, you will be able to enjoy current blockbuster, classic show and regularly the local films "Whympers way to the Matterhorn" and "People at the Matterhorn Village" – in the '50's with one super 8-camera filmed of August Julen, the father of Heinz Julen.


In the winter, the climbing wall in the Triftbachhalle allows climbing exercises to be carried out on a 7 m high wall area of 140 square metres. But you have to be at least ten years old before you can test your capabilities here! A mountain guide is present on Fridays.


A visit to the museum is a must for every visitor to Zermatt. It is located under the glass dome of the former casino, next to the village church. Here you will be able to enter the world of old Zermatt. It is a wonderful exhibition of old Zermatt farmers, alpinists and mountaineers. You will even be able to see the broken rope from the very first accent of the Matterhorn. The museum arranges special exhibitions on a regular basis and has established itself as the top location for cultural performances. Look out for the announcements on


Most of the hotels in Zermatt have swimming pools and beauty spas


Tennis has been played in Zermatt since the thirties. In addition to some hotels that have their own private tennis courts, brand new tennis courts are also available at the Obere Matten sport arena, at the center of the village. The Raiffeisen Open Zermatt takes place every July where you can watch some of Switzerland’s best players.


There are many beauty and wellness centres in Zermatt. Our chalets can also organise for you to have treatments and massage in house if you would prefer it.


If you're wondering why store houses in Valais stand on wooden posts with stone plates, or how people in Zermatt earned their living in the time before the rise of tourism or if you wanted to know about the life of the legendary mountain guide Ulrich Inderbinen, who reached the age of 104, you should join a guided tour of the village given by our knowledgeable guides. You will find yourself looking at Zermatt with new eyes.


"We lost our lives here, but found them again there. On the holy mountain of the Lord.“ Many mountaineers have lost their lives on the Matterhorn and in the mountains around Zermatt. And many of them are buried in Zermatt – in the cemetery of the Anglican church of St. Peter's and in the Catholic cemetery. A few years ago, the council decided to restore the gravestones and to exhibit them at the parish church of St. Mauritius. There is a memorial in the Catholic cemetery for Zermatt mountain guides who were killed in accidents.


Founded in 2007 as a singer & songwriter festival, Zermatt Unplugged has grown into a meeting place for fans of authentic sounds. Musicians and bands including Suzanne Vega, Chris de Burgh, Alanis Morissette and Reamonn have been inspired by the unplugged concept and appeared on the festival’s tent and club stages. Zermatt Unplugged is the only festival of its kind in Europe and is backed by Anni-Frid Princess Reuss, the A from ABBA, and Jon Lord, seminal Hammond organ player and co-founder of Deep Purple.